What is Qigong?



Qigong is an ancient Chinese meditation and movement practice. It has been used for over 4,000 years to maintain wellness and prevent illness.

Qigong is one of the oldest systems of energy medicine that has been proven to heal illness, reduce stress, slow the effects of aging and achieve longevity.  This time-honored practice uses breathing, gentle stretching, bending and range of motion movements. 

Qigong is easy to learn by everyone, at any age or fitness level. While the practice is simple to begin, and results come right away, you can practice Qigong for a lifetime, continuing to grow through it. 

Qigong is based on the premise that the human body is an energy system and learning how to manage one’s internal energy can have profound effects. Just a few minutes a day can result in noticeable changes in stress, mood, and energy levels.

Qigong is designed to revitalize your body, mind & spirit. The best part is that you’ll feel the benefits right away – you will be energized and relaxed at the same time.

Qigong is meditation in motion: healing from the inside out by integrating breath work, stretching, and repeated flowing movements with meditation, mindfulness and visualization. Qigong is versatile and can be practiced in short or long segments: 7-10 minutes is enough to make a difference, though classes are usually 45-60 minutes in length. 

"Qigong is just what I need!  It is so relaxing.  I love how calm, open, and carefree I feel at the end of class!".... a  pass holder in Joyce's classes